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"I am a retired machinist with 33+ years at a major truck transmission factory. I've used bits
from hundreds of vendors and none compare with my personal bits I bought from Max at
Winters Drill Bit City. They are exactly as advertised, very affordable and with minimal
care, may last the rest of my lifetime. They have drilled everything I've needed and have
never let me down. Thanks, Max, for what has been the best investment I've ever made."
.......Robert, SW Iowa

Winters Drills
• Behold the BEST DRILLS MADE in the World •

1-800-950-3938 - Winters Drill Bit City Order Line. 22 Years In the business.


When was the last time you needed a good drill bit ?
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"Hi Max, I was pleased to find that the drill bits had arrived quickly.  I was eager to give them a try.  Sure enough, as you promised, they didn't disappoint.  I drilled a clean hole in seconds using a cordless drill, in a Grade-8 bolt like it was made out of plastic.  I kept waiting for it to stop cutting, like the others, but it just kept cutting. These bits are what I have been looking for! Thanks and I will spread the word. (I will be back for a left-hand set.)  A real pleasure doing business with you."   ........C.G., Texas
I attended a show about 10 years ago with another tool maker. We both bought drill sets that day. We've used them daily in our machine shops on all sorts of material. I am still using the same bits. THANKS FOR THE MANY YEARS OF NOT HAVING TO FIGHT MY DRILLS!! Your left hand set has also saved me a lot of time and money. They always save the day. - Keith, Mich.   

I've used your drills for at least 20 years. I AM STILL AMAZED EVERY TIME I USE THEM. They have never let me down. They have saved me a lot of time and frustration. They are priced right and the performance is fantastic. Your drills are certainly a NO-BRAINER. I tell every body I know about them. Many thanks. - S.B., Nevada   

I've been buying your drills for 20 yrs. or more. Still going strong. Best that's made. Have not replaced one. You have OUTSTANDING drills and you're one of the kindest people I know. - A.R., Mich.    

Best bits ever made and that ain't no lie. - Lou, N.Y.   

I'm a traveling technician and get stuck in the middle of nowhere. Thanks to you, I don't have to worry about bits anymore. THESE BITS ARE AMAZING. I didn't believe the quality until I used them myself. Now I give your number to every maintenance guy I run into because the quality and the price is unbeatable. I mainly drill STAINLESS & HARDENED STEEL and never had a problem. Top notch service too. Always willing to ship on short notice. Thanks. - S.V., Florida   

"Hi Max, All we can say is WOW.!
The bits you sent are awesome. Our job never went so easy!!!!!!
Can't thank you enough.. Thanks so much again !!!!" ...VB

  • I bought the GREATEST SET OF DRILL BITS EVER from you! I'm looking for a another set for my son. They are worth every cent. Ron, Australia
  • I bought your drill bits and have Never Been Happier. T.M., Pa.
  • They are the BEST DRILL BITS EVER MADE! I've used them for 10 years now. They Save Me A Headache Every Time I use them, Every Time! Brad, Ohio
  • I had them for 16 years. If you want to buy drill bits, Winters Drill Bit City is the only place to get them. Al, Il.
  • I am the owner of a large auto body business. I've been using Winters Drill City drills for 10 years. They are the best drills I ever had. We abuse them but they last forever. These are ABSOLUTELY THE BEST and they are also made in the USA John, Wi.
  • I have been buying drill bits etc. from Max for many years Without a doubt they are the FINEST DRILLS AVAILABLE. He is the greatest guy to deal with and his products are SECOND TO NONE! I am a METALSMITH and also a BLACKSMITH from Wisconsin.
  • The drills I bought a few years ago are still going strong. They have done a lot of work. They are the BEST DRILLS I'VE EVER OWNED IN MY 35 YEARS IN THE MOTOR BUSINESS. Thanks for the prompt supply. Jeff, Australia
  • I bought a set of drill bits about 10 years ago. THEY PERFORMED EXACTLY AS YOU SAID THE WOULD! They are the best drills I've ever owned. I am ordering 4 more sets for my sons. I am telling everyone about them as THEY ARE WORTH BRAGGING ABOUT! I like doing business with you because you are prompt and courteous. Keep up the good work. You will be getting more orders as I am going to continue to spread the word, thank you. David, Manitoba
  • Thank you for the GREAT SERVICE and even BETTER DRILL BITS! H.H., IL.
  • Picked up a set of your drills and we've use them. I AM THOROUGHLY CONVINCED! J.H., Ohio
  • I bought your drills at Hershey and I LOVE THEM! I've been doing a bunch of drilling in old Ford frames and other parts. These are the only drill bits I've ever had to perform, as I expect they should! Thanks, Pete, N.J.
  • We REALLY like your drill bits! They are definitely an upgrade from what we were using and even a better price! Thank you for offering great drill bits. Leon, S.C.

Your drills are more than I expected. They are WORLD CLASS just like you said. I love em. -K.H., Rhode Island    

Exactly what I needed! Thanks for the help and great service. Ross, Australia    

DRILLED 13" of STAINLESS STEEL with 1 drill bit and it was just as sharp at the end as when we started. Installing running boards. Went through boom, boom, boom, boom. - Jim, Mich.   

We absolutely LOVE the bits from you! We were just singing your praises the other day while drilling thru stainless steel poles like they were made out of plywood. -V.B., Md.    

Best drill bits I've ever had. They have saved me many times over and for that I thank you. - Alan B., Wisc.   

I work in the gold mining industry. I've been buying your drills for over 20 yrs. There are NONE BETTER. For safe production, they are the only bits to have. - Nick, Nevada.   

I've been using your drills for about 8 years. I own a body shop and I build a lot of race cars. Do a lot of drilling and fabricating. They have really the best drill bits. I've probably sold 40 sets of your drills to friends and family members. Best drill bits I've ever seen. I mean it. BEST DRILL BITS MONEY CAN BUY!!!  Thanks - Dan, Wisc.   

Bit Worked!!!  I'M A BELIEVER !! - G.M., Pa.   

Bought Winters drill bits at Bloomington, Illinois, about 25 years ago. Been buying them ever since. I have all the sizes up to 1", left-hand, etc. There is nothing like them and the service is great! And just as important, you've got a business you've built yourself from scratch in this great country of ours, in the GOOD Ol' U.S.A.!!!! Thank You! - Frank B., Pa.   

Max, you've got the best drill bits. I've used em every day for about 10 years. Still going and have only broken 1 out my set. - Harold, Mich.    

I built a framing jig. DRILLED 125 1/2" HOLES, 1" deep. Drill bit NEVER WORE OUT, we're still using it. Didn't even get hot. These are the best drill bits. - W.E., Ohio.   

I work at Bally's in Atlantic City. I take my drills to work and back home daily. They work beautifully. Stainless steel, tempered steel. - Joe, N.J.    

Best drill bits I've ever owned. - B.I., North Dakota.    

I bought several tap sets over the last couple of years. I finally bought a really good set from Winters. Every project I do, I use it. It's fantastic. I wouldn't buy anybody else's set. I've been using the drill bits even longer & I don't use anybody else's drills. The drills and tap set is a great combination. I wouldn't go any other way. - Russ, Pa.    

Thank you. Best drills ever. - Jim V., Pa. 

Dad was "trying" to drill out some broken bolts in 95 degree heat. I ran to my shop and got my drills. One drill bit drilled out all the broken bolts in 15 minutes and there were several. I CAN NOT BRAG THEM UP ENOUGH!! I've got 2 sets THEY WORK. - Chuck, Ohio      

GREAT AMERICAN PRODUCT! Drilled several GRADE 8 BOLTS like a POUND OF BUTTER. Thanks. - Ed H., New Mexico   

3 years ago I bought my employees each one of these drill bit sets.They still have them, they love em, they use them every day. When an employee leaves, I make them give me the boxes back and pass them on to the next employee. They get mad when I ask for the drills back, they want to take them with them.We LOVE using these bits! - John G., Va. (factory auto dealerships).

Hi Max, 
we drill fiberglass with your bits. As you know, diamonds are the best material to accomplish that, but they require RPM's that are much higher than the cordless drills we are forced to use on our remote job sites. For years we were stuck using bits from the "BOX STORES". A friend had used your bits at an Army base in Kansas and suggested we try them on our projects.
In the last 4 years we have drilled over 120,000 holes through varying thicknesses of fibereglass. Your bits last 40% longer than any other bit we tried and the cost of your bits is LESS than what I was paying at the BIG BOX STORES.
I love when business decisions are as easy as you make them. You make me look smarter than I am!
Your customer service is excellent even when I get myself in the proverbial BIND.
I wish all my suppliers treated me as you do.
As always, Thanks!
Wynn S.
Rockwall, Texas
Feel free to use all or any portion of this, Max.

This are the best drill bits I have ever used,after 35 years in the auto repair business my search for a good drill bit is over. Thank You Max, Mark W
• "I am Hell on drill bits. I have boxes full of dull & broken drills. Winters Drill Bit City bits will be the last ones you buy. They are awesome. Goes through anything like butter. Bought a plow for my truck and needed to drill 16 holes in the frame. I thought this was going to take all day. In about 1/2 hour I had 16 - 9/16" holes in the frame". Don, Pa.
• "These are the greatest things since sliced bread. Have drilled things I shouldn't and have beat on em. They're just great. Whatever he tells you, it is not the total truth, they're Better than what he says". Marcus, N.Y.

• "Drilled 27 inches of stainless steel with one of your 5/16" drill bits". Jeff, Pa.

• "Went through bumper just like butter. It was perfect. Turned out great. Bumper, brand new stainless steel, all polished. $60,000 truck". Ron, Md

• "I drilled 30 - 1 1/4" holes in 3/4" thick cold rolled steel. Still cutting good". Bob, Ohio

• "Bought some of these and you can't beat em. If anyone tries one of your drill bits, they'll never go back to the others. You can drill stainless. Unreal stuff." Charlie, W.V.

• "Used your left-hand drill bits to take out 6 - 1/2" bolts in 1/2 hour". Tom, In.

• "I drilled 10 1/2 inches of stainless steel with my 3/8" drill bit without sharpening it and that's a fact". Larry, Ohio

• "You've got some good stuff. Awesome stuff. You've got a good product and people come back. I drill a lot of frame rails and stainless". Joe, N.H.

• "They work terrific". Stan, N.J.

• "My friend was drilling a hole with these new drill bits and it went so fast it scared him". Steve, Al.

• Hey Max, just wanted to tell you those bits I bought last week are the best thing I ever bought! I had some drilling to do on my new airboat and my God they worked like magic! You weren't lying, it is the best money I ever spent!
It was good to meet you and hope to see you again sometime on the road!

• "Thank you... It's nice to deal with people that are as good as their word. It's hard to find these days. Will continue to recommend your drill bits. Thanks Again..." ....Dan L.

• "I really like this set of bits. It's by far the best set of bits I've ever had." ....Loren H. Nebraska

• Thanks again, you have the very best bits on the market" ...B.M. Welding Service - Missouri

• "Been the best bits I've ever had. They have saved me many times over and for that I thank you."
..Alan B. Wisconsin.

• "Thank you - Best bits I ever bought" ...Jim V. - PA.

• "Drill bits do a good job."... Mel L. - PA.

• "Sure do like flats on shanks so it don't slip." ... Neal W. - MN.

• "You have a great product."  ...Bill B. Georgia

• "They are excellent bits - they cut so good...they stay sharp longer." ..Jon V. WI

• "Your company makes the best drill bits I have ever found by far. Keep up the good work."

• "I will continue to send people your way for good quality products. Again thanks for a great product."
...Bill P. - MO.

• "I appreciate the fact that you stand behind your products. They are good quality... I prefer to buy from your company." ...L.G. Ohio

• "By far the best set of bits ever owned"  ......Gary S. WI

• "Bought a set years ago and loved them" Erv M. -  Ohio

• "Picked up a set of your drills and am very pleased with them indeed. What gives the bits their enduring quality ?"
....Trevor in Australia

• "We drilled 2,200 1/8 inch holes in 2 inch to 3 inch galvanized rigid pipe, 2 at a time for cable connector ground blocks on industrial satellite dish poles, each set into concrete, on a job site every day for over 3 Years, and we're still using the same bit and it's still sharp as when we first opened the index. Now That's a BOSS Drill Bit! AND We have no other backup sets of drills in the truck - just that one index."
......Fred Wilson, Hughes Broadband Satellite Internet Service Installer
This is something You can get Excited about !!

Will Drill

Spring Steel

Stainless Steel

T-1 Steel

Tool Steel

High Carbon Steel

Wear Plate

Armor Plate

Titanium Alloys



Cast Iron

Grade 8 Bolts

Head Bolts

Exhaust Bolts

Truck Frames



Most Other
hard to drill metals


  • Special premium grade of
    hi-molybdenum tool steel

  • 3 different heat treatments
    not 2 like standard drills

  • Measurably harder than high speed steel

  • Precision ground and never twisted

  • Very tight tolerances for size accuracy

  • Cutting ability comes from the mfg. process & alloy - not some surface treatment

  • 135 degree self piloting split tip doesn't walk - no pilot holes
    fast penetration - drills with far less pressure great for portable hand drill - batteries last much longer

  • 3 FLATS ON SHANK (3/16 up)
    For a positive grip - No slippage in chuck. Perfect for keyless chuck or other.

    15% (approx) shorter then standard length more practical
    less breakage get into tighter places beautiful for repair and maintenance


  • Holds a cutting edge much longer.





Watch It making Savings over 4 Feet long





About WintersDrillBitCity.Com

My name is Max. I'm the owner & operator of Winters' Drill Bit City. I'm 1/2 of a ma & pa company. We've been solving drilling problems for 40 years now. This IS our business Full Time - this is not a side line.

We've watched other drill bit dealers come & go (here today, gone tomorrow), we're still here taking care of business. We care about You - our customers & your needs. Rest assured, we'll be here when you need us. We will continue to serve you with honesty & integrity in the future.

We promise to sell only America's finest - top of the line - USA Cutting tools available at a fair price and stand behind what we sell. Buy with confidence Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back on all sets.

With tens of thousands of satisfied customers - we are very confident of our drills.

We'd like your drill bit business and you'll like our drill bits - It works out for both of us.

Thanks for your time..


Drilling 304 Stainless all day long.
Drilling 304 Stainless
All Day Long

Drilling CAT T1 Grader Blade Like it's plastic.
Drilling CAT T1 Steel
EZ as pie

Click image above to see a video clip of
the Cat T1 Grader Blade getting drilled.

 USA Fluid Products
CUTTING OIL and A Whole Lot More..

USA Fluid Does what it claims or we would not sell it.

Drilling - Tapping - Machining - USA Fluid will get the job done. You can't beat it.

All Drills displayed at our shows and on this site are treated and preserved with USA Fluid.
Rust from Fingerprints and Drill Indexes sitting in storage in your shop is a Thing of the Past !!

USA Fluid will also encapsulate tools and material which will bulletproof all surfaces against corrosion and the effects of the atmosphere for years - sealing your entire shop from rust and corrosion .

IT's the grand champion at loosening up things stuck frozen and abandoned over time.